The Texas Probate Process

a Step-By-Step Guide

Have you or someone you know just lost a loved one and been assigned

"Personal Representative" of an Estate in Texas?

If this is your first time as an executor you are probably feeling overwhelmed and not really sure what to do or where to start? The Probate Process in Texas can be very challenging and stressful.

You are already busy and now you have two lives to manage.


Have you been receiving letters and calls from the "We Buy Houses" and other Wholesalers that want any real estate that is in the estate and giving you an offending low offer?


I want to offer you some help, I realize a lot of people at any stage of the process don’t realize that they don’t know what they don’t know, some of our most grateful clients have been the ones that said they don’t need our help.

They realized that once they got deep enough into the probate process there was a lot of ways we could help, Do feel like you have it all handled?


Request the Free Guide below. It is my hope that it will help shed light on the probate process in Texas. 

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What's Included:

  • When Probate is Required

  • Property Subject to Probate

  • Texas Probate Process

  • How Do I Get a Will Probated in Texas

  • Determining Heirs in Texas

  • Texas Intestacy

  • Muniment of Title—unique to Texas 

  • Texas Small Estate Affidavit

  • Texas Probate Administration

  • Texas Non Probate Assets

  • Ancillary Administration

  • Wills in Texas

  • Contesting a Will in Texas

  • General Things To Do as an Executor

Is there property in the estate and do you have a plan for it?  If So - 
Have you or your attorney set-up a vacant house insurance policy?
One thing that’s shocking to most people is when they find out there is any real estate in the estate and it is vacant, it’s actually sitting there uninsured and the attorneys don’t really inform people of this so one of the first things we do is try to identify the assets and are they protected.  
After 30 days you are completely exposed, if the house were to burn today it would be a total loss. Most of the folks are shocked to hear that.  Whether you are going to keep it in the family, rent it or sell it, we want to make sure you are protected and this is something that is often overlooked by the attorneys, so you can think of our service as a bridge between what the attorney is going to do and what you as the executor have to do and our service exists so we can take a lot of that off your shoulders as to what the attorney is not going to do. So you don’t have to do it our team can handle it. Your Probate Realtor in Temple.

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This book is compliments of

Mick McCanlies & the Christ Team.

I have put together a team of local professionals to help families who are

going through the probate process!

There are lots of ways we can help ranging from selling properties as-is for cash to helping sell and donate personal property and even renovations so you can sell the real estate for top dollar.


As your probate real estate agent, it starts with understanding your family’s goals then offering you

some options to choose from.  

The earlier we can get involved the better for you regardless of where you are at in the legal process.

Attorneys play a big part & help assist you with the legal aspects, that’s a big part of our team too.. Think of me as the bridge between you and the attorneys. I am here to help with everything

in-between as far as getting the properties:

  • cleaned out

  • sold

  • repairs made

  • financial advisors

  • CPAs etc.

I try to get an idea of your situation & goals and see who we need to bring in to help you!

I handle the probate real estate aspects, future planning even helping survivors find suitable housing.

It all starts with a simple conversation and we sit down and make sure we understand your goals and then we will give you suggestions on what we believe is your easiest path and if you see value in that we will engage and we will work together.

You don’t owe us anything – we provide this service for free upfront and then if we do what we promise and help you we find ways then to obviously make a profit, because we are in business.


There is no obligation other than speaking with me. The worst case scenario is you learn from somebody that does this everyday from a non legal aspect you can at least see how I do it and hear what I suggest and then go do it on your own if you want. If you are ready to talk give me a call or text and let me know when a good time to have that conversation?

Do We Have to Clean Out the House First?

I hear this a lot and it’s where I start with most of my clients and is the biggest reason we reach out early because we know we can make such a big difference. Do you plan to do it all on your own or could you use some help? 

What is your plan with all that?


Our partners and the people on our team are specialists we have an antique specialist and many time they come in and write one check to the family so you don’t have to go through the hassle of pricing all the items and putting it out on the lawn and then put the items back in the house or garage after a yard sale.

Or estate sale companies and nothing gets wasted, what does not sell we donate to local non profits instead of to the dump. Items of no value does get cleaned out and we come with cleaning crews to clean the house.

I find a lot of families are ambitious in the beginning and want to tackle it on their own and then once they get three to four days into it and they are just like what have we done.

If you would like to meet with me to discuss some of the options and then you will know how I can help. I only do one estate sale for every 50 families however you at least need to know your options at that point. It does not cost you anything. If I come with my antiques guy we don’t charge anything upfront we are here to help and if I help I get paid for the value I bring. 


Call or Text 254-654-2828 to schedule a meeting. 

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