What is Texas Probate Administration?

Texas Probate administration is the process by which a court oversees the payment of debts and the distribution of assets of a deceased person. The probate process can be emotionally draining, expensive and time consuming but we can guide you through the process and make the situation more manageable. There are different types of Texas probate proceedings and a variety of alternatives available to you, depending upon how you wish to administer the assets.

How do I probate a Will in Texas?

If you listen to companies that sell trusts in order to bypass the Texas probate process, you would think that probating a will is a difficult undertaking. In fact, in the state of Texas, it is a very straightforward process. The amount of work required to probate a will depends on the individual circumstances surrounding the estate.

The probate lawyers in Texas can help you navigate the variables to find out the right solution for your situation: whether that is probating the will and obtaining letters testamentary in order to administer the assets, or probating the will as muniment of title in order to simply transfer ownership of property from the decedent to the heirs.

Probating a will in Texas is an important legal process that allows the heirs of a decedent to obtain their rightful share in the estate’s assets. The process is easier than if the decedent died without a will (intestacy) and requires far less court intervention. When a decedent has a will, the court will admit the will to probate and issue letters testamentary to the executor. The executor will have the authority to gather the assets and administer them. The will dictates how a decedent expects to have their assets distributed and to whom. If no will is available, then the court will be charged with determining who the beneficiaries are and how the estate is distributed in accordance with Texas intestacy laws.

If you’ve been named as executor of a will, our attorneys will work with you to fulfill your promise to your loved one in the Texas probate administration process. With our help, you can be assured that you’re receiving quality counsel, and taking the appropriate action to settle your loved one’s affairs swiftly and with dignity. Our attorneys can help you through the process of admitting a will to probate in any Texas probate court to make sure the wishes of the deceased are honored. Our attorneys will evaluate the situation and bring to bear our knowledge of the Texas Probate Code to provide maximum value to the estate’s heirs.

decisions regarding probate issues should be discussed with an attorney and/or a Real Estate Professional.